CLIENT NAME: Feel the new Leon de Bruxelles


After having decided to realign its positioning from a mussel ultra-specialist to a restaurant declining food around French fries, our agency has been asked to activate on media and restaurants this new positioning and creating the operational annual plan.


Beyond just activating this new positioning, the agency decided to take the opportunity to make the brand emerge, be more audible and visible. Our aim was to create a real emotional attachment and affection from clients that surpassed just recipes. We aimed at creating a hole brand experience instead of just an instore experience by bringing Léon to “life”.
Thus, we introduced a real brand personality via a specific tone of voice, conniving, friendly and mischievous, aimed at making the brand as an real entity emerge.
This new conniving and mischievous personality drove any animations to make them more attractive.
Two characteristic examples :
– To increase traffic from Monday to Friday evenings, we decided to create a specific speech that invite and push people to get out from its everyday life and routine, following the new brand’s personality and promoting the brand’s receipes.
– To stimulate restaurants during the Olympics, we decided to create a national operation emphasising on Brazil and its most appreciated receipes from which Leon would be the perfect ambassador.


Brand image increased by 8 points
Traffic instore on evenings (Monday to Friday) up to 6%
During Olympics : traffic raised by 5% and upper catch rates on products linked to the operation
Income Paris : +5% since beginning of the collaboration
Income rest of France : +8% since beginning of the collaboration
Global income : +7% since beginning of the collaboration


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