AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
CLIENT NAME: Hedalm-Anebyhus
Campaign started: August 16, 2018
Campaign ended: October 31, 2018
Created at: October 14, 2018


Hedalm-Anebyhus sells readymade houses and offer 32 house-models, with a wide variety of possible adaptions. Final price of the house depends on the individual adaptions the customers choose. NXT/A2N is responsible for all Hedalm-Anebyhus’ marketing and communication activities as well as operating their website and SoMe accounts.

The overall aim is generating leads to the sales department. Competition has become fiercer and more house suppliers have become active with leads-generating activities in the digital area. Hedalm-Anebyhus challenged us to come up with a campaign, more attractive and better targeted towards families searching for a new home to build.


The solution was to offer three new campaign houses to a favourable fixed price during a time-limited period. Hence removing the possibility for the customers to make personal adaptions. The three models have different size and price and cover the needs of most families.

Creative strategy: The communication focused on the favourable price where all choices already are made. The customer only has to sign a contract in order to have a turnkey home ready on their property few months later. We asked one of Norway’s leading interior bloggers to make the colour choices on the houses and write about it on her blog. We also developed high-quality 3D-pictures of the houses in order to visualize a potential house dream and developed PDF-prospects for the campaign-houses with detailed information.

Target audience:

  • Potential house builders (age-group 30-55)

Media strategy/execution: Norway has a population of only 5,3 million where a majority live in a house. In total there are 2 million houses (holiday houses included) and yearly 12.000 new houses are built. Therefore, the strategy was to go as broad as possible in order to attract potential customers to visit We generate leads through a set of different conversion goals.


Success! Results four weeks into the campaign (Aug.16th – Sep13th) by far exceed the monthly average for January-July 2018 (average shown in brackets):


  • 96.300 page-views (54.917)
  • 28.995 sessions (14.521)
  • Time per session remains on monthly average (2:20 minutes)


  • 301 house-catalogue orders (184)
  • 81 contact-forms sent (35)
  • 227 phones/e-mails tracked via webpage (101)


  • 1205 PDF-downloads (215)
  • 1318 click-throughs to a sales office (1.084)

We got massive positive feedback from the sales-force as well as the customers! The sales-process is long for houses and we don’t have any sales figures yet (campaign ends Oct.31st). The forecast however looks good.



Campaign  element description: