CLIENT NAME: Suedeutsche Zeitung


For an increasing and a stabilization of the subscription-edition, we should design a comprehensive advertising campaign for internal and external media in the area of print and online for January 2014. The campaign should both be strong in dialog and selling and it should make the reason for the reader obvious why it makes sense to subscribe the newspaper. It was our task to develop a mailing, an insert, a banner and a landing-page.


The approach of the campaign was, to focus on the urgent need of the foresight of 2014. We designed an attractive key-visual which should represent the foresight. As a result of further intelligent combinations of mechanics, text, instruments, visual and advertising media became the campaign a great eye-catcher. By connecting of bonus giveaways and the four-week-long subscription of Süddeutsche Zeitung we created a concrete incentive for the possible target group to order the newspaper.


The campaign became an amazing eye-catcher with a great success. The advertising media was the reason for a very high activating with an index of 120 %.


A mailing with strong response including insert, banner and landing-page.