Campaign started: October 1, 2019
Campaign ended: On going
Created at: August 27, 2020


In 2018 we created the (IDN-award winning) campaign “A smart driver is a motorcyclist” for our client RAI-Vereniging. Target: positively influence the acceptance and perception of the motorcyclist, which leads to a more positive image of motorcycling and a growth in the number of active motorcyclists.

With the campaign we achieved impressive results and gained a lot of interesting data from several target groups (active, inactive and future motorcyclists).

Based on these insights we decided to shift the focus from a periodic activation campaign to creating an online content platform in order to reach our target groups throughout the year.


We used Google Analytics and Facebook data in order to find out which content worked out the best for the different target groups. These insights we used for additional research, such as a key word analysis for Search engines.

Based on these insights, we created different content:
– Experiences: interviews with active, inactive and potential motorcyclists
– Tips from experts: videos with experts like the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and a fireman using the motor instead of firetruck.
– Several interesting articles

The content has been spread to different target groups on social media, using the existing data from our campaign. But our primary focus was to let the target groups also find the content themselves. The keyword analysis was the base for the created content and also for additional Search Engine Optimizations on the website. This even resulted in an additional functionality on the website: the motor weather forecast, on which apparently lots of people searched on Google, but no information was provided at all.
Besides the videos created on our website were optimized for YouTube, using video marketing. Not only to reach YouTube users, but mainly to get on top of the Google search results.


Within just a couple of weeks we managed to get a big increase in daily visitors on the website, as a result of coming on top of the Google results for interesting keywords and phrases like: “motorcyclist advantages”. Within just 4 months we managed to get an increase of 3600% in organic traffic on the website. A great example that a variety of great different (SEO-optimized) content pays off!
The created motorweather tool for example daily generates a lot of traffic to the website