Proact is one of Europes biggest players in the IT industry when it comes to storage and cloud services. Each year they host a big event inviting suppliers, customers and other businesses. This is a very important event for Proact due to the fact that it supports and undermines Proact´s position as one of the best IT companies out there.

The look and feel of the event was old fashioned so NXT/A2N, in addition to do all the marketing, was given the task to create a brand new name and profile for the event. Proact Storage became Proact Future!


Creative strategy:
Before proceeding with the marketing material, we updated the profile. New logo, fonts and colours are just some of the features in the new profile.

For the marketing we needed to reach out to our existing and potential customers in a way that created some attention. It´s easy to just send an e-mail and track the response. We did that as well, but in this digital age we decided to also go the opposite way and send out a creative dimensional direct mail to create some attention. We backed these activities up with digital activities such as remarketing and banner ads.

Media strategy/execution:
We needed to do things in the right order here and started with a teaser informing the people about the event, extra important here since we needed to let people get used to the new profile. We continued with invitations, both analog and digital. We bought ad space in strategic magazines as well so we covered the whole marketing mix. All of these activities were backed up with remarketing so we could catch all of those who didn´t register the first time or catch those who had shown interest by visiting our new website.


The main event was held in Oslo but they also had small events with the same topic in three other big cities in Norway.

Send outs:
Direct mail: 2.000 recipients

Invitations and reminders went out via e-mail: 7.167 recipients
Open rate: 23,04%
Click rate: 22,54%

In total 400 people visited the events, that’s 5,6 % of the total recipients.

192 of those were potential new customers.


– Logotype and profile
– Website
– Direct Mail teaser
– Direct Mail invitation (dimensional)
– E-mail invitation
– E-mail reminders
– Print ads
– Web banners
– Posters, name-tags and brochures at the event