CLIENT NAME: Direct House


Direct House is a group of suppliers focusing on printing, packaging and logistics services. They were recently consolidated as a group and all the suppliers have made a name change to Direct House + their location/city. As a group Direct House are able to deliver a wider range of services than each supplier by themselves. Direct House wanted to communicate the name change and wide range of services to potential customers. NXT/A2N was challenged with the task to produce a mailing that would work as a door opener and make a strong brand statement at the same time.


Target audience:
64 businesses within the Direct Mail and Publishing sector, perceived as large potential customers.

Creative strategy:
First priority was to be top-of mind when the sales call was made by Direct House, asking for a meeting. In order to maximize the open rate we chose a dimensional mailing in form of a small package (packaging is also one of the client’s core services). Inside there was a brief letter informing about the name change and the full range of services delivered by the client (We deliver the whole package!). We also wanted to trigger curiosity with a dimensional folder in order to maximize the time spent with the mailing. The dimensional folder was shaped as a house in order to have a strong connection to the new company name.

Media strategy/execution:
In order to secure focus and a tight follow up of each potential customer, the mailing was sent out in smaller batches over a long time period. All of the 64 mailings were followed up with a phone call from the client within a couple of days. We also produced extra dimensional folders/houses, which the client has handed out in other sales meetings.


The activity has been a great door opener for Direct House, towards potential customers. In addition the new company name is now well established within the Direct Mail sector.

100 % recognition – all of the receivers remembered the mailing.

• 3 (4,7 %) have become a new client
• 6 (9,4 %) have received an offer
• 5 (7,8 %) were booked into a meeting
• 4 (6,3 %) were updated with a new contact person
• 4 (6,3 %) were not interested
• 7 (10,9 %) asked to be contacted later
• 35 (54,6 %) are still potential clients – no immediate action


• Outer package/box
• Letter
• Dimensional folder shaped as a house