AGENCY: Harvest Digital
CLIENT NAME: Future Farm
Campaign started: 07/18/2021
Campaign ended: 12/31/2021
Created at: September 1, 2021


Future Farm is a Brazilian company who make plant-based meat products – burgers, meatballs, mince and sausages – which are sold exclusively through Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK.

Our brief is simply to increase sales of Future Farm products through online and retail channels, as well as raise awareness of the brand in the UK.

Our target audience is people who already shop at Sainsbury’s and who are either vegetarian or vegan or who are simply trying to cut down on meat consumption.


The creative agency, Impero, developed a hard-hitting campaign in three phases. The first stage was a series of street posters and murals with the message ‘Done with Earth? Mars Awaits.’ In the second phase the initial posters were defaced with the message: ‘F*ck Mars. The Future is Earth. The Future is Plant Based’. In the third phase, the message is replaced with ‘The future is plant based. The future is delicious’.

We developed an integrated campaign that extended this creative into paid search (YouTube, Google Discovery) and social (Facebook, Instagram, Snap and Tiktok). We chose the most relevant audience for the proposed message; given the increasing discussions around billionaires and the race to Mars within the 18-30 demographic, Tiktok became a key platform.

Reflecting the ATL approach, the first phase was ‘anonymous’, which involved creating fake Instagram and Facebook accounts. None of the ads drove to a landing page, with the intent to raise awareness of the campaign and start a conversation in the comment section. Users who watched Phase 1 videos were retargeted in the following stages, revealing the identity of the advertiser. Sainsbury’s locations were using in the targeting.


Since the start of the campaign, 395 users clicked to view the product on the Sainsbury’s website, after visiting the landing page.

In terms of engagement, the campaign generated 17k post likes, 366 comments and 77 shares. 93% of all engagement originated from TikTok.

The client was most interested in the perception of the product and the type of comments that were generated. They were pleased to see that the ads had managed to spark discussion around plant-based foods in the comment section.