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Households, which do not have Swisscom TV should be motivated to subscribe to a Combi-Package from Swisscom, which also includes TV. It will be addressed to new customers (with no relationship to Swisscom) as well as to existing clients (they have no TV from Swisscom but other products such as Internet or mobile). A huge challenge for us was the probability that our target group already has a TV subscription with a strong competitor. This competitor is cost-efficient and our target group is bound by contract and can’t cancel the TV-subscription at any time. (minimum terms as well as periods of notice are major inhibitors).


The target group is far away from the subscription of a new TV-Product and needs to be led towards a sale. For this task we have created a «web-based lead accelerator». An e-mail on is used coax the consumers into our web solution. They are then led through three phases towards the desired response: a «YES» to an informal discussion with a call center agent. The aim is to dispel any remaining doubts and conclude the contract.
Phase 1
New features and various everyday examples make the product comprehensible and palatable for the customer.
Phase 2
We ask the customers what they appreciate when they watch TV. An active dialogue comes up.
Phase 3
The customers can deposit their contact details and are then contacted by the call center. The call center agent answers any questions and offers a limited discount (action accelerator) the financial statements were tendered


The supply took place in waves. Here is an excerpt of such a supply via e-mail:
To 50’000 existing clients an e-mail has been sent. 37% have opened the e-mail – 47% of them have clicked on the Call to Action button and have arrived on our web solution. Within the website 42% of the visitors have reached the second phase – 32% of all website visitors the third phase. Overall, 16% of the visitors have entered their contact details and requested a concrete offer. From these 16% over 80% made a subscription for the Combi-Package (incl. TV) from Swisscom.


We have divided our e-mail as well as the Website into three phases. Print Screens of the three phases of the website are enclosed. At the beginning of this year the website has been redesigned. To look at it is on