AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Ron Blaauw (famous Dutch chef)
Campaign started: November 1, 2018
Campaign ended: February 28, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


To introduce Ron Blaauw’s new restaurant ‘Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Downtown’, vandenbusken was requested to develop a teaser and launch campaign on social media.

The new restaurant is located in the heart of Amsterdam, on the top floor of Hudson’s Bay department store. Visitors enter the restaurant through an alley and Ron Blaauw asked vandenbusken to make the new restaurant more visible to passers-by.


In the 2 months prior to the opening of the restaurant in January 2019, we created a social media launch campaign. Using the existing social media channels, we made the community curious about what was to come and to get them to guess in the comments. As the media is following these pages as well, we tried to get them to write about the restaurant and the buzz.

To make the location of the restaurant more visible to visitors and passers-by vandenbusken developed, in collaboration with artist Selwyn Senatori, an eye-catching alley.

To get more Instagram followers, we created an Instagram story quiz. The followers had a chance to win a dinner for two by playing the quiz and answering questions about the new restaurant. We asked questions about the new restaurant like ‘What is the name of the alley of the entrance of Ron Gastrobar Downtown’?

To give a good look and feel about the restaurant vandenbusken created an Instant Experience. The Instant Experience starts before the alley, in the alley you see the artwork op Selwyn Senatori and the entrance. Then you swipe up and can take the elevator to Downtown. When the elevator opens, the executive chef explains to you, that you can book your table now.


Instagram Story quiz.
445 unique participants
55 participants who have answered all questions
Growth in number of likes from 778 to 1.453 (+ 675) in 5 days
Current number of likes: 3.142

Instant Experience
Budget spent: € 400,-
Reach: 17.548Views: 52.769
Instant experience opens: 1.249
CTR: 2,37%
CPC: € 0,32
Viewing time Instant Experience: 0:31 min

The launch campaign was created to get direct reservations. We paid an average rate of €3,70 per reservation. The launch campaign exceeded all expectations as the restaurant was fully booked for the upcoming first months.