AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: November 1, 2018
Campaign ended: February 1, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


To drive up sales before and after high season (spring/summer), Weber asked us to come up with a strategy and campaign concept in which people get encouraged to use their grill in “winter season” as well. The campaign needed to fit both the feeling of winter grilling (full winter season) as well as the Christmas and gifting topic. Besides the concept had to be accessible for all countries throughout the EMEA region. After approval on the concept and strategy the full execution (design) and transcreation of all channels/assets needed to be fulfilled by vandenbusken as well (incl. photography and video-creation).


Weber’s winter campaigns always have been created with focus on the “real tough winter grillers”. People that, no matter the weather circumstances, will always be ready to prepare the best steak on their grill.
We decided to critically review this strategy after which we decided to focus on the feeling of being together, in which we are not only focusing on the tough winter griller, but to the full family. We introduced the new concept: “Get that warm feeling”.

In Winter we yearn for warmth, love and connection. It’s the season of caring and appreciating each other. Whether it’s bringing your family together with great grilled food, sharing memorable moments with friends or a gift that allows you to show your loved ones how much they mean to you: Weber brings people together and creates warm memories.

With this concept we were able to link winter season to both the warm feeling of winter grilling as well as the warm feeling of gifting.

The campaign has been executed both in on- and offline communication, in which all assets had the same “warm” look & feel. First goal was awareness, after which we used other assets to encourage consideration and finally purchases.


We won our first EMEA campaign pitch and the campaign has been launched throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (incl. our photography and videos). You might have seen our campaign in your country as well.

Sales of mainly Weber accessories have been increased rapidly during the campaign, which is why EMEA reached out to us again to work on the campaign for this year (with focus on accessories).

Besides, the great results, made sure that we have worked on several other campaigns as well (such as product launches, promotions and brand campaigns).


Case Weber – Get that warm feeling

CASE – Weber Winter season