AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: May 28, 2019
Campaign ended: May 28, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


Weber asked vandenbusken to come up with a solution to reach brand awareness on social media. No limitations, just a very small budget of 5 K.


When people are barbecuing they often share this on social media. Especially on Instagram stories, Facebook stories and Snapchat people are often sharing their perfect grilled food or the nice time they have with their friends.

As Weber has a lot of “micro-influencers”, we decided to check possibilities to use them to reach their followers. The “problem”: influencers are active on multiple social media channels in which Weber isn’t active and their followers just see an ordinary barbecue, since they are not familiar or don’t connect it with the Weber brand.

The solution: creating Weber branded GIPHY’s, to be used by these micro-influencers as stickers on several social media.

By providing stickers and creating an advertisement to motivate people to use these, we were able to reach a lot of people with a small advertising budget. Besides all GIPHY’s were connected to relevant key words, such as “grilling”, “weber” and even competitors.

With this solution we were able to reach a lot of people with the Weber brand in a “funny” and “accessible” way. Even people which we regularly do not target with our Facebook and Instagram advertisements.


Within less than a month, the GIPHY stickers have been viewed 2.3 Million times on social media. We started with creating 5 stickers of which the most successful one has been viewed of 650.000 times.

As a result, we are currently working on more stickers of which the latest one has been viewed 350.000 times in just 1 week.

Last but not least, other Weber countries such as France and Germany also reached out to us, to create GIPHY’s for their countries.


IDN Case – GIPHME Weber

IDN Case – GIPHY Weber