AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
Campaign started: 2016
Campaign ended: Still going strong
Created at: August 18, 2017


Helsport is a leading provider of tents and sleeping-bags. Marketing research showed that 50% of all women that were enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and tenting bought one or more Helsport products. This was an opportunity to evolve their business model in sales, as well as contributing to the benefits of healthy outdoor activities and be part of even more adventures. They wanted to have a stand-alone brand – that could develop on its own with Helsport as the founder. NXT/A2N were asked to develop strategy, name, touch and feel for this blog-platform we called “Turjenter” (hiking girls).


We started with a creative strategy. It consisted of the simple fact: If we can engage more women to use the nature, wanting to be outdoor and go hiking – Helsport product sales will increase.

Therefore, we reached out to several bloggers/influencers in the outdoor/travelling space and invited them to share their experiences, inspire others and connect on a common platform. An inspiring community created both for – and by women, the blog has grown rapidly beyond our expectations.

All the influencers have their own profile and share stories in their own natural habitat. This content is raw, unfiltered and showcases outdoor travelling in the most credible way possible. They share tips and go on trips together, discuss different topics about all kinds of activities or even products they have tested or use themselves.

The blog shows both profiles and articles in a friendly, inviting and engaging way. Along with the growing content, we built in user-friendly filter options like name for blogger, date or category i.e. “Mountain summit”, “Inspiration” or “Tips”. We wanted to have a strong social focus and encouraged the influencers to use hashtags and spread their content through their own channels on Facebook, Instagram and others.


We saw an instant, incredible engagement evolving around the concept.

It grew into a vibrant community and we are proud to have been deeply involved.

Helsport and Turjenter gained national attention and was voted „Marketeer of the year 2016”.

Key numbers: (still growing!)

– 48.000 followers on Instagram

– 31.700 followers on Facebook

– #turjenter used 193.000 times nearly 1M sessions

Generated 60% increase of revenue in Helsport’s female categories and this is still growing. Launched several new products based on the feedback from the influencers. also founded Camp Ousland, called “Norway’s most beautiful festival”.


Webapplication WP – Blog


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