AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: 05/01/2022
Campaign ended: 06/30/2022
Created at: August 11, 2022


The Stanley Black & Decker group owns several brands that offer tools and innovative solutions for professional builders and DIY, such as DeWALT and STANLEY. Brands sell their tools via retail.

Due to several reasons, they decided to kill one of their brands: Piranha. With more than 500 DIY sales outlets, this was a decision with impact. The idea behind it was to replace the Piranha products at these sales outlets with products of another brand in their portfolio: IRWIN.

Stanley Black & Decker Benelux asked us to come up with a campaign strategy and creative idea to inform the sales outlets about the change in a memorable way, with a CTA to contact their sales representative to make a sales appointment.


IRWIN have some advantages compared to Piranha. The tools of IRWIN are of higher quality, and they offer a bigger assortment at the same price level.

We decided to position the upcoming change as a BIG chance for the target audience. With the campaign message Go Big With IRWIN, we tried to convince the target audience to switch from Piranha to IRWIN. A Bigger assortment, with higher quality tools of an international well-known brand, lead to a higher turnover with a higher profit margin. Do you dare to go BIG?

The campaign contained 3 communication moments:

Teaser Mailing – in this teaser direct mail, we sent a very BIG letter (in A2 size) with the message that BIG news was about to come, and that the recipient had to keep an eye on their mailbox.

Activation Mailing – one week later, the follow up direct mail was sent. This time, the replacement of Piranha was communicated. Again, we made use of a very large letter (in A2 size). This time, we also added a poster in A2 format with a part of the assortment visualized on it, together with the headline ‘many products huh?’, ‘and our total assortment is even bigger’.
To activate the target audience, we decided to incentivize the first 3 recipients that contacted sales with a portable beamer. Besides that, among recipients that responded, we raffled a food truck that arranged a big lunch.

If the target audience didn’t reply to one of those direct mailings, sales would call them and do the follow up.

Note: in our language we have the word ‘groter’ which means ‘bigger’, ‘higher’, ‘larger’, ‘greater’.


During the briefing, the client mentioned that if there were a couple of sales outlets that would respond to one of the mailings, they would be happy already.

One week after the activation mailing had been sent out, the client called us and mentioned that sales was going insane, because of the high number of respondents. More than 10 sales outlets had requested a sales appointment already, without any additional effort or follow-up from IRWIN side.

Of course, this was very exciting. But the most exciting thing for us? The fact that this was the first project we did for them, after losing the client a couple of years ago to an international agency due to a contract that was signed on headquarters level. What a way to start our renewed cooperation!