CLIENT NAME: Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje
Campaign started: March 23, 2020
Campaign ended: June 1, 2020
Created at: August 25, 2020


Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje is a restaurant owned by the famous Dutch chef André Gerrits. The concept of the Michelin star restaurant is vibrant, international, creative and playful. Fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere in which you immediately feel welcome.

Just like other restaurants, ‘t Amsterdammertje had a huge problem when they had to close because of the COVID-19 virus. They reached out to vandenbusken to think about a solution to still earn money and to survive these financially tough and insecure period.


While other restaurants where starting to offer home delivery, André was hesitant and worried about his reputation. Since there was a limited budget, we had to be creative. Star quality and home delivery does not go well together. In co-creation, we reinvented the concept: home cooked meals. Warm and accessible like ‘t Amsterdammertje, but easier to enjoy at home and for only € 17,50 per meal. This concept gave everyone a unique opportunity to enjoy the fine taste of chef André Gerrits. We called the concept: “Go Out Together, Stay Home Together”, which in Dutch means: “we will stick together at all times”.


The concept Go Out Together, Stay Home Together has reached 14.500 users and more than 40.000 total page views in 4 months (mainly direct traffic because of the recognizable name and search engines, through SEO-activities). And most important: Chef Gerrits “survived” this period because of the initiative!

Now the restaurant is open again and deliveries stopped, there are still a lot of people visiting the website. We currently use the website to direct people to the restaurant website and their catering activities. In the future the website will be used again for other initiatives like meal boxes during Christmas holidays.



Go out together, stay home together Presentation