Campaign started: Q1 2017
Campaign ended: Ongoing
Created at: September 17, 2018


Known for its high-quality products, the Gölles GmbH decided to expand its portfolio of spirits and vinegar by a new product category – Gin. However, being a passion product the category was only to consist of one very special product!

While gin usually consists of up to 30 ingredients, their gin would only consist of five, namely Juniper berries, blackcurrants, lemongrass, coriander and orange peel.

The challenge – develop a brand strategy beginning with Naming and Design that focuses on this Core USP of the new product


The Gölles GmbH uses very classic packaging and labels for their spirits and vinegars, highlighting their high quality. Across product categories the design is also very consistent and simplistic.

The gin, on the other hand, would be the only product in its category, allowing us to really bring out the products individual character in its packaging. By making it stand out we also show what it really is: a product that combines years of experience and knowledge with the passion and care of its creators.

Since the gin only includes 5 ingredients, we decided that the name and the design should highlight the high quality of the work of the manual labor and the concept of reducing oneself to the most important.

The Solution:

Hands on Gin

Five Fingers – five Essentials.

5 Botanicles in double distilled white rum

Honest manual labor from Styria – handcrafted in Austria.

The handprint on the bottle looks like an extended hand, an invitation to pick up the bottle with in your hand or a friendly handshake. No bullshit added.


The Hands on Gin was successfully launched and has been very well received by clients and critics. It is especially popular in premium bars, due to its characteristic design. It was also awarded category winner in the World Gin Awards 2017.



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