CLIENT NAME: Fabryo Corporation
Campaign started: May 1, 2017
Campaign ended: June 30, 2017
Created at: August 10, 2017


Fabryo is one of the largest decorative lacquers and decorative paints producer in Romania – a modern, well structured and competitive company. Fabryo Corporation became a market leader in 2009, in the decorative paints and lacquers industry in Romania, with a clean, diverse portfolio, worthy of a “paint creator”

Fabryo Corporation has own coloring system SCS (Savana Safari Color) with a palletizing own over 1,000 shades of colored washable paint inside and outside savana and over 180 shades plaster and decorative paint structured .

The company owns the most extensive national network of computer coloring in the industry with over 640 machines and franchise network renovis in the traditional market of DIY.

Fabryo was rewarding their sales persons for visiting all that 640 machines and reporting the sold quantities of paints, washable and enamels by the machines operators. BUT their reporting system was a manual one, their salesperson used a paper report system by fill in a form that they have to physically send it to the company.

Many problems had to be overcome:
– A lot of papers to be managed between 3 different parts (Fabryo, sales agent, machines operators );
– Their centralization was cumbersome;
– High processing costs;
– High error rate;
– High processing time for giving points/ awarding the operators with the vouchers.


Using our experience in developing rewards applications:

Our solution was:
– to develop a platform for Fabryo salesperson for easier reporting the monthly turnover from their own system. We designed this platform like a sales monitoring tool from colouring machines.
– to organised an annual campaign to boost sales agents to use the platform.

The campaign mechanics consists in:
– Fabryo salesperson has to visit each store from his portofolio;
– register the operator from the paint preparation machine on the platform;
– report the sold volume of each participant product on the platform;
– upload the proof (a picture for ex) from the paint preparation machine.
The agency check all the registration received and validate the reported sales. This way, the operator receives points, based on the score grid, and in the end of the campaign the operator will be awarded with gift vouchers (points changed in vouchers).

The main target: our platform is used by the salesperson, while the final beneficiary (the second audience) is the operator of the paint preparation machine.

A dedicated website has been developed (, then we set all the logistics stuffs like: preparation of the database (all the agents with all their allocated stores) to be imported in the platform, a points grid for the participant products, a communication plan with the agents (sms/ emails), the communication and the video tutorial for the platform.

All data could be managed from the back-end of the platform: import new users, export different kind of reports, check& validate the sale reporting made by agents and uploaded online. Also, Fabryo agents could check in real time the processing status of their reporting (validate, invalidate, missing the proof etc) and the accumulated points for each operator.


In the past, for many years the client organised the campaign by manual reporting (a paper form to be fill in by the agent for each store/ operator). Developing a new online platform was an obvious evolution, even we are in the second year of implementation and different kind of field problems are not missing.
Our main successful points were:
– 100 % participation rate – all agent engaged in the platform;
– perfect centralisation – everything (checking/ matching completed online reports with the uploaded proof, validating reports) was done through the administration interface;
– the form processing takes in the past over 10/15 days, while we diminished the processing time in the present at ~1.5 days;
– the human error rate has been diminished almost entirely;
– in the present is their main rewards management tool for their agents;
– the campaign is activated twice a year for cover the main sales periods of the year.


– Website / online platform:
– A “how to use it” video: