AGENCY: WE! Interactive
CLIENT NAME: Heineken 
Campaign started: June 1st, 2017
Campaign ended: July 31, 2018
Created at: September 11, 2018


The challenge was to open the world of Heineken to a new batch of Singaporean consumers. Research showed that there was a growing business problem with new imported beers from microbreweries that were now entering the Singapore market. Leveraging the upcoming world cup, Heineken had a chance to re-establish itself as one of the most recognised beers in the world (192 countries.)

Global Tagline: Open Your World


  • Creative Strategy

To engage our consumer with the Heineken brand a contest was developed to challenge our Singaporean consumers with a test of their general world knowledge of geography and social graces. This online contest asked consumers to identify a city in a picture and match it with the appropriate toast.

Moscow = Za Vasche Zdarovje!

Japan = Kanpai!

Amsterdam = Proost!

Monoco = A La Votre!

 If you answered correctly, you would be asked to enter your name and phone number to redeem a Heineken Pint. Once we captured that data, the winner would be sent an electronic coupon via SMS that they could redeem at a participating Heineken retailer.

  • Microsite

The solution used a combination of traditional advertising, Facebook advertising, and display advertising to drive consumers to a dynamic microsite to conduct the contest.

  • Target Audience

The target is Singaporean men, premium beer drinkers, with a worldly outlook. Always looking to enrich their lives with knowledge and experience.

Cultural insight: Singaporeans love to ace a test. Any test of knowledge. Especially when the reward is an ice cold Heineken as a free giveaway.

  • Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook ads, Display Advertising and Out of Home Media like transit advertising.


For a market as small as Singapore, we drew in more than 3000 participants.

1/3 of these participants did redeem their free pints from the outlets which in turn drive footfall for Heineken Trade partners and drive up the revenue for them.

Further results included a fresh list of consumers that we will now include in our future CRM efforts and marketing campaigns.



Campaign  element description:

The following campaign elements include:

  1. The contest ads that drove consumers to the website.
  2. Screenshots of different cities.
  3. Screenshots of the response mechanism
  4. Screenshots of the digital coupon to redeem your free pint.



Redeem your Heineken pint


Guess this city contest