CLIENT NAME: Delmon Bakery


Delmon Bakery, one of the companies under Bin Mahmood Co. W.L.L. Holding Companies, has been established for the past few generations as the People’s Bakery i.e. Bahrain’s Bakery. The bakery has had the same image and look & feel for the past few decades, focusing more on delivery of their products to its audience than the actual company’s image. The challenge was to change the mindset of the target audience gradually to make Delmon Bakery’s image achieve international standards with a high level look and feel and making sure that the previous reputations is carried along with it. Another challenge was creating a packaging system for the wide range of Delmon products ranging from savoury food, cakes, bread, etc.


Their target audience is the General Public i.e. Low, medium and high income individuals as well as Laborers, Expats, Families, etc. TRIME Media created a refreshed and new image for the bakery, making sure it still has the feeling of decades of experience but with an updated look and feel to match its new state-of-the-art facilities and factory that was being set up. TRIME Media provided a holistic approach by starting with the client’s brand and moving into their collaterals, stationery, packaging, and their internal strategy.


The client is yet to launch within the next 3 months, therefore the results will be updated then.


TRIME Media has supported the client with the following services:
• Brand Development
• Brand Literature Development
• Brand Guideline Development
• Subbrand Development (including Guidelines)
• Collateral Design
• Packaging design and packaging system
• Launch Event (to be developed closer to launch date)