AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Ron Blaauw (famous Dutch chef)
Campaign started: February 1, 2019
Campaign ended: February 28, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


Ron Blaauw is one of the most famous chefs in the Netherlands. He owns four restaurants, called “Gastrobars”. The Gastrobar concept is all about dining in a Michelin star restaurant, in a casual setting. The dishes are simple but high quality.

Each restaurant has their own signature kitchen, an add-on to the name “Gastrobar” (e.g. Ron Gastrobar Indonesia). Each restaurant also had their own Facebook page, making content creation a timely, complicated and expensive issue for the client. That’s why Ron approached us to come up with a strategy that would make this process easier and improve ROI.


Target audience:
Facebook followers from the Facebook-pages and restaurant visitors

The main objective from Ron and vandenbusken was to create more engagement with the restaurants and to get reservations through the Facebook page, with lower investment.

We started by merging all Facebook pages into one community: “Ron Gastrobars”. By doing this, we had the budget to be more creative with content. Although every Gastrobar is different, they have one special thing in common: Ron himself. We soon found out that followers love to see more of Ron, about his personality and about what he is up to. That’s why we created a strategy whit lots of video content about Ron, adding his humor and personality to the mix.

Creative concept:
We created three fixed Facebook items to posts every month:
1. ‘On the menu’ – represents the theme of the month
2. ‘In the spotlights’ – is an interview with one of the employees of Ron Gastrobars
3. ‘Best of Gastrobars’ – in a video we highlight a dish from one of the Gastrobars. Ron is emplaning how the dish is made with the executive chef of the specific Gastrobar. Ron’s face and good sense of humor works every time on Facebook.


The main purpose of the new content strategy was:
– A more efficient way of working
– Lower investment
– Higher engagement and higher amount of reservations

Most important: Ron’s team is very happy with the change to one Facebook community; it makes content planning a lot easier for them. The monthly investment in content creation and advertising budget is about 25% lower.

On an average month, the value of the restaurant reservations coming for Facebook are about 4-5x the total investment of advertising and content creation, which makes the ROI very positive.

When we started the project, we took over the Facebook activities from another agency, that did not measure on these metrics. We cannot compare exact numbers; our client is very pleased to see the positive ROI and hard numbers to back our creativity up.


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