CLIENT NAME: Insight360 Oy


Over the past years, customership has been the focal point of the marketing communication of businesses. Until now, mere data, analytics, automation and data systems have formed the focus of their attention. They are all important, but above all you have to understand your customer better. Not until the marketers understand their customers´ behavior and the dynamics of it, it is possible to plan and implement functional advertising attracting the customer. The Human360 segmentation modelling was created to meet these requirements.


The population of Finland is about 5.5 million. 4 million Finns have been segmented under the Human360 entity based on their values, lifestyles and attitudes. This entity covers the segmentations revealing the customer data by field of operation: Media360, Health360, Food360, Exercise360 and Member360. More field-related modellings are being developed. The marketer can purchase his own modelling tailor-made and attach it to his own customer data system with the criteria he wants and utilize this improved customer understanding via online and offline channels to his customers. The marketer is also able to purchase wanted segments for online or offline channels via for example Google´s purchase tool and send a message with an individual angle.


In the spring of 2016, Human360 was launched at a media event with the top management of businesses, marketing and media decision-makers as well as other influential people as target groups. This segmentation model is a unique lifestyle- and attitude-based segmentation covering the total adult population of Finland. Sales have been exploding. Tens of tailor-made solutions and licensing deals have been sold. On top of that, the most important media purchase platforms have included the modellings to be bought in the most common purchase tools.


We have designed and created the logo, image, typography, names, web pages, manuals, social media marketing, launching and sales tolls of the application.