AGENCY: Roi Division
CLIENT NAME: Swedish Radio
Campaign started: April 31, 2018
Campaign ended: April 30, 2018
Created at: September 17, 2018


Swedish Radio has developed a new program – Hungry Hearts – that deals with stories about love, relationships and sex. The program has primarily a female target group, age 30–50, that listens to both P1 (Channel 1; has a serious approach with lots of documentary programs) and P3 (Channel 3; has a younger, more popular profile with lots of music and talk shows).
An important objective was to attract people who usually listen to P3, but are starting to grow out of the channel. For them, Hungry Hearts should work as a gateway to the more serious channel P1.


When we were asked to produce the communication around the podcast Hungry Hearts, we quickly realised that we needed to focus not only on the podcast itself, but just as much on the host Siri von Malmborg, whom Swedish Radio wanted to establish as a “new name”. She is the perfect person to attract listeners who had gotten tired with listening to P3.
In the podcast, Siri is having quite personal talks with people, so we wanted to set the same tone of voice in the marketing material. We realised that just doing radio trailers wasn’t going to do the job. Instead, we suggested film trailers, like trailers you do for tv series.

In the trailers we’re following Siri when she’s out in the city, walking through alleys, taking the subway. She seems to be searching for something. Maybe ideas for the next episode? Or maybe she’s just left a relationship? Or has she been left herself?
We also created a logo that we applied on a denim jacket, that Siri is wearing in the films.


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Women, age 30–50

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Women, age 30–50

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