CLIENT NAME: Soenneken eG
Campaign started: January 1, 2019
Campaign ended: July 31, 2019
Created at: July 23, 2019


Soenneken eG is Germany‘s largest purchasing cooperative for office agents with around 800 members.

To strengthen 3 core assortments, members should be offered unusual advertising material for their clients. On the one hand, these had to be highly individualizable and, on the other hand, had to show a balanced balance between presentation of offers and advice and entertainment.


Promotional flyers offering office equipment are often given to companies. Our strategy was to visualize the theme directly through an iconic form.

So the flyer for hygiene received the form of an iconic yellow display sign used if a soil cleaning takes place. The flyer for food and catering was staged as a paper bag with real handles. The flyer for the technical assortment was a tabelt in a flip case. The processing made it possible for the tablet to be set up correctly.

In addition to the unusual shape, it is above all the third dimension that makes the advertising media unique. All 3 advertising materials are presented standing. This is a visual one-of-a-kind and has contributed significantly to the success, since the service life and the frequency of use increased significantly.


As a benchmark, the previous year‘s action was used, in which the core ranges were also pushed.
– This benchmark has been outclassed by an increase of 140% to 180% by the Iconic Design salesfolders.
– Order numbers increased by 15% (tablet flyers) to 24 % (hygiene displays)
– The number of customers‘ 2nd order increases from 0.3% (benchmark) to a staggering 29 % with the new concept.
– The cost increase due to the slightly more expensive technology only increased by a moderate 5%


IDN_AWARD_BUF_Iconic Design