Campaign started: August 23, 2016
Campaign ended: August 28, 2016
Created at: August 17, 2017


Ikea celebrated the International Meat Ball Day by organizing a #IKEAmeatballday event in five cities with an IKEA store. You were able to visit the event by presenting your IKEA FAMILY member card. A meal of meat balls or vegan balls was served free of charge. At the same time, the members had an opportunity to support the Save the Children organization at the price of a meat ball meal.


Target audience

  • All IKEA FAMILY members, living in Primary Market Area (400.000 persons) with their family
  • New IKEA FAMILY members
  • Media

Creative strategy

  • We wanted to reward the IKEA FAMILY members and celebrate the International Meat Ball Day together with the members (Act of love theme). The event was arranged in the cities with an IKEA store. We wanted to bring IKEA near the city centers and to get some attention also in the media and by this also attention to the IKEA brand, as well as to the IKEA FAMILY member program. In the event, we published the next IKEA FAMILY weekend event taking place in the IKEA stores.

Media strategy

  • We reached the IKEA FAMILY members by emails targeted as per city. In addition, the event was presented on Facebook

By a press release we succeeded in publishing several articles in both print and digital media.


1,500 people per city were expected to attend the Meat Ball Day.


Helsinki                                                            1,800

Tampere                                                          1,650

Kuopio                                                             1,500

Turku                                                                1,450

Jyväskylä                                                          1,200

An advance registration for the event was not required. In addition, 950 new IKEA FAMILY members were acquired.

By a press release we succeeded in publishing several articles in both print and digital media.


  • Invite (email/FB) + event


Available documents for download: