AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Aion bank
Campaign started: 05/19/2021
Campaign ended: 12/31/2021
Created at: August 12, 2021


Harvest Digital decided to collaborate with vandenbusken for their client Aion, to create new designs for the advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.
Goal was to get better CTR’s for their “premium memberships” advertisements, by using outstanding creatives to be developed by vandenbusken.

Important was to emphasize the main proposition: at Aion it’s possible to get all benefits you can get at a regular bank for just one uniform price. Focus needed to be on a broad audience.


Previous communication focussed on increasing brand awareness. With some amazing ads Aion positioned itself as a distripuptive, innovative bank. Their key message: Stop wasting money. Start making money.

Even though the ads were amazing, any evidence of this key message was missing. The result: a market in doubt. The existing follow-up ads didn’t really fit the key message of the awareness phase. Besides the ads were prety basic as the budgets are much lower.

Our challenge was to again create outstanding (low-budget) ads to follow-up on the amazing (high-budget) awareness phase. Even more important was to convince the target audience that “start making money” at Aion isn’t too good to be true!
We proposed several creatives based on 3 principals:
– Emphasizing benefits of all-inclusive banking
– Highlighting specific USP’s
– Communicating evidence

Besides, in existing advertisements, we noticed that there was a gap between the design of the advertisements and design of the website. That’s why we came up a call-to-action design effect, giving Aion the possibilities to keep creating outstanding ads in future and to still have a smooth transition from advertisement to website. Besides of this advantage, the bumpy effect also results in a feeling of urgency.


Aion was impressed about the directions we showed them and decided to move on with 2 of the directions. Unfortunately from a legal perspective lots of adjustments were needed, which did not have a positive impact on the strategy and design.
Still Harvest managed to almost double the CTR compared to the earlier created advertisements.
A good result, of which both Harvest and vandenbusken are convinced that it could even be better if the original designs didn’t have to be diluted because of legal requirements.
The best result: A great IDN collaboration, with some more interesting projects to come!