AGENCY: IDN South Africa

CLIENT NAME: Fundraising that Works


FTW approached 5th Dimension to develop a fundraising data-capture platform
which could give them competitive advantage and make their face-to-face
fundraising process as efficient as possible. The platform had to integrate with NGO
systems effectively as well as meet stringent banking privacy and payment gateway
data regulations. The additional challenge was to develop in-depth analytics and
functionality to provide ever-bettering insights and results to guide the business
towards greater profitability and effectivity.


5th Dimension strategized and developed a fully digital platform, including mobile
web-app, of the FTW donor sign-up process, providing exceptional functionality in
signing up donors in any location.
The digitisation of the data capture process was structured to eliminate multiple
capture of donor data, minimise the risk of human error, and streamline the pledge
process. Donor pledges are processed almost immediately significantly shortening
the delay to first-payment and reducing attrition rates on donors.
5th Dimension also developed and linked the platform to a NGO-specific automated
full donor journey of communication items reassuring donors of the status of their
pledge as well as confirming that their funds are being managed responsibly.
Data inputted is loaded in real time and can be analysed to guide decisions around:
a. Timing, location, size and demographics of teams
b. Best practice in terms of the process and size of the pledge requested by
fundraisers out in the field
The platform was designed to also offer:
a. multi-level reporting functionality for each stakeholder in real time
c. fully secure and encrypted data storage to exacting international banking
d. a proprietary, secure data transfer process, developed in consultation with
Inta-facer offers much more.


The platform provided FTW such advantage over competitors in the fundraising
space that
i. A number of major blue-chip international NGO clients have signed up
ii. The number of donors captured on the system in the first two years has
made FTW the largest face-to-face fundraising offering in South Africa
iii. The analytics offered by the platform have led to
a. Full overhaul of donor and pledge management processes
b. New recruitment processes for face-to-face fundraisers
c. Increased revenues for NGO clients
d. Significantly higher retention rate of donors
The Inta-facer platform has revolutionised FTW’s full business model.


We include three slides of campaign element examples:
a. Screen grabs of Inta-facer Platform
b. Examples of the Donor Journey Items developed
c. Photographs of Face 2 Face Fundraisers in the field using Inta-facer