Campaign started: March 1, 2019
Campaign ended: October 31, 2019
Created at: August 27, 2020


Cannock is a company specialised in credit management, simply put: they help companies to get paid by their clients. Companies can outsource their entire invoicing process or chose to outsource parts it. Cannock asked us to create a new brand identity, positioning and campaign, to communicate what they stand for to their (potential) clients. They also asked us to create a campaign to communicate their new identity to a lead list of 500 potential new clients.


Cannock is unique in the positive way that they operate. They’ve learned by years of experience that if you communicate about finance and connect with the target audience of a client in the right tone, with the right channels and frequency, the payment process can be a positive touch point and even increase the NPS of a company. That’s why they start with truly knowing and understanding their client inside and out, before setting up a custom approach for every client.

Words related to credit management can be quite negative. Invoices, payments, dept collectors. We wanted to give their services a new elan and introduced the term: “credit experience”. Because if your payment experience is great, you are more like to be enthusiastic about a company.

We also created a new logo and brand identity, based on the fact that Cannock knows their client só well, they are almost fluidly connect with them and their clients. The logo and style elements contain fluid shapes, connecting into a C-shape.

We also launched the campaign: jouw klant, onze kennis, which has a double meaning in Dutch: “your client, our knowledge”, as well as: “your client, our friend”


With the campaign, we reached out to 500 potential new clients. 60 sales meetings took place after the campaign, that have led to 15 new clients in the following months after the campaign.


Introducing Credit Experience