AGENCY: Direxions
CLIENT NAME: Direxions Marketing Solutions
Campaign started: November, 2017
Campaign ended: February, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Identifying the Need of the Hour in Channel Sales:

Organizations that do not treat their channel sales efforts as an integral part of their core strategy tend to suffer the most.

Attrition in channel sales is mainly a function of the kind of reward structure offered to them by various companies. Therefore, a convenient and efficient incentivization process for the company’s channel partners becomes extremely critical.

The first thing we did was to understand the main challenges faced in incentivizing channel sales in India.

Here are the problems we found out:

  • An outdated physical invoice structure
  • Manual approval processes
  • Extremely long TAT of minimum 15 days for awarding incentives/payout


We realized that no one, in any industry, had taken the initiative to streamline this process in decades.

Our Solution:

Digitize the incentivization process by creating a user-friendly interface that even the most technologically challenged would be able to navigate through.

Introducing Digital Signature in Channel Invoicing and Payouts

  • Once the product was tested and approved by the Client, an extensive training process ensued for all channel partners (CP) associated with the Client
  • The CPs were also educated on the procedure for obtaining a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) government-approved device
  • This device contained their digital signature

To digitally sign the invoice pdf, all the CPs have to do is:

  • Plug in their DSC device
  • Select the Digital Signature add-on option in Adobe
  • And voila! The invoice will now contain their digital signature and therefore, by law, can be processed by the Client for the Channel partners’ incentive payment.


The response was phenomenal! It was exhilarating to see this non tech-savvy group become proficient in the process in half the time we had projected.

While there is widespread relief that the TAT for receiving their incentives has been reduced by half, there is also a sense of gratitude towards the Client for taking the initiative, which their other partners hadn’t, to make their lives better.

Within weeks of the success of the pilot launch, we received requests from 4 other businesses. We are now in the process of implementing this process for them, with another 3 in the pipeline. And that is the true measure of our success!



Campaign  element description:

Interact. Involve. Integrate. Instantly.

Invoice module on Program website for channel partners. Emailers to educate channel partners. A helpline service to answer queries and act as a help when they are stuck.


Channel Incentivization Solutions by Direxions – Entry for_IDN Awards 2018