AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Ron Gastrobar Supersoft
Campaign started: 03/01/2021
Campaign ended: 06/30/2021
Created at: August 11, 2021


We are gonna play a game…Try to visualize everything you know about Soft Ice. Try to smell it… Even better, try to taste it…

Ready!? Great!!
Because you can erase it from your memory from now on.

One of our clients, a famous Dutch Michelin Star Chef and TV-personality, launched a new soft ice boutique concept. In which he would let people taste first class soft ice and set new standards in this field.

The client asked us to come up with a concept matching visual brand identity, varying from the logo to menu boards to commercial communication assets such as POS and billboard ads.

There was only one challenge… The client already gave their approval on the interior of the shop… So, we had to keep this interior design in mind, while creating the visual brand identity. But we love challenges.


We decided that the Soft Ice should be the biggest stars within our visual brand identity. It’s centralized in almost all of our communication. From logo to billboard ad. However, in some communication assets, such as menu bords, the heavy coloured soft ice creations couldn’t be te hero’s. Otherwise they definitely would distract people from making their choice.

Around the soft ice cream we created a pattern which is inspired on the interior of the Boutique shop. To make a connection between the visual brand identity and the interior. Together it resulted in a chiq yet playful visual identity. Don’t you think!?


We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on the visual brand identity. From the client, but also from visitors of the Soft Ice Cream boutique.


2021 IDN Case – vandenbusken – Just a Mouth-Watering brand identity –