AGENCY: & et vous
CLIENT NAME: Léon de Bruxelles
Campaign started: April 1, 2017
Campaign ended: April 30, 2017
Created at: July 26, 2017


Wellknown for its mussels & french fries receipes, Léon de Bruxelles wanted to implement a new referent receipe in its menu : The Fish & Frites.
The agency has been asked to ensure a successful launch for this new one and make it buzz to develop traffic and catch rates.


How a traditional british receipe may become a referent receipe of a belgian restaurant brand ?
With a hand of the most iconic personality of England, it may be possible.
An original and offset activation campaign has thus been created, taking advantage of the April fool’s day.
– On that day, some fake newspapers headlines, taking the codes of “Breaking News People” tabloid, have been broadcasted online questioning about a secret trip in France of Queen Elizabeth 2. Reveal was dedicated to announce the launch of the “best” Fish&Frites, that even the Queen can’t resist to taste.

Launched on Facebook toward the Leon’s community via a teaser (video) and toward members of fidelity program Le Club Leon, the reveal was then deployed in digital, POS (display, menu) and in CRM with a state of mind message : Keep Calm and eat Fish.


> 50 000 Seen for vidéos
Engagement rates > 10% on facebook posts
Catch rates :
– le Fish Basilic : 6,76%
– le Fish & Frites frais :
Before campaign : 2,51%
During campaign : 3,22%
After campaign : 5,71%
Much Press Releases


  • Video teaser/reveal
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display
  • POS Display
  • Menu
  • Emailing


LEON_v5 – video, 15s
LEON_v2_reveal – video
LB_Animation Fish 2017_Kakemono_390x1727mm_HD

LB_Animation Fish_badges_50mm_P425C_HD
LB_BMV_Animation Fish_HD
LB_Carte Avril 2017_UK_HD
LB_Cone_Animation Fish_HD
LB_OP Buzz Fish_Affiches_toilette A4_HD