The Kotimaa-yhtiöt company is the publisher of a church media, the Kotimaa Pro service, targeted at the staff of the parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The online Kotimaa Pro media puts together complexes of issues, church content and news, by the church´s lines of work. The service includes the weekly Kotimaa magazine and a new one, the online media Kotimaa Pro, commercialized one year ago. The service is offered as a media package to the parishes at an annual subscription rate.

The objective (current subscribers) was to get the representatives of the church´s various lines of work to sign up for the Kotimaa Pro online service and also to generate and throw around ideas with respect to content about their own line of work. In addition, one more objective was to get more subscriptions from non-subscribers.

The challenge was the fact that the number of persons signing up for the service was quite small. In future, the discussion around the church and the news coverage moves online from the printed weekly magazine and it is essential, from the service´s point of view, that the users sign up for the service, provide feedback and take part in the discussion. The target group is not active as to the online media or the offer of internet; guidance, encouragement and activation are required.


About 30,000 representatives of the various lines of work in the parishes, divided into eight segments: priest and vicars of the parishes, deacons, youth workers, children workers, church music workers, the workers responsible for real estate, administration, persons elected to a position of trust.

We decided to target the campaign in accordance with the field of work. We believe that the message to a priest, youth worker or a verger has to be different. Also the picture context was designed to be directed to the various fields of work. We invited them to sign up, provide ideas and participate in the contest and to activate themselves in the use of the Kotimaa Pro service. In addition, we implemented a Suhde Ratio indicator with the help of which the Kotimaa company is able to keep tabs on the number of persons signing up as well as their interest in the contents, in real-time.

The campaign site (sign up, leave a hint, download images, enter the drawing, subscribe to Kotimaa Pro). Eight various targeted direct campaigns as per field of work (sign up or subscribe to Kotimaa Pro, depending on if you are a subscriber or not).
The Suhde Ratio indicator (indicates among others the number of visitors of the two services, time spent and the most popular talking points, split up in southern, central and northern Finland).


By targeting we increased the number of persons signing up, the number of ideas vis-à-vis content and got new subscribers.
• Increase in number of persons signing up 100% (From 3,000 up to 6,000)


The direct campaign
The campaign site
Suhde Ratio indicator