CLIENT NAME: Animagi (A vet clinic chain in Finland)


Primary: To launch and gain “ownership” of a new service: health examination for senior dogs and cats.
Secondary: To get the pet owners to book an appointment right away.

Not all owners know whether their dog or cat is a senior. Nor do the owners usually book an appointment with a veterinary without an actual reason.


Target audience:
Pet owners with a senior dog or cat (approx. 160,000 dogs)

Creative strategy:
Raise owner´s awareness of the fact that their pet might already be in senior age and have some hidden ailments.
These can be detected in the senior health examination in good time and in order to give more happy years to come together.

Media strategy:
TV, newspapers, banners and social media for masses and email, posters and brochure for a more targeted audience.


Results were better than expected. In fact the target in every sector was exceeded at least with 20%
• Senior age calculator on the website: 60,000 visits
• Senior health examination service description and articles on the website: 25,000 visits
• Facebook post (also sponsored) and shares: 3 million contacts, generated 22,000 visitors to the website.
• Banners 2.8 million contacts, generated approx. 4,000 visitors
• Co-operation with TV-channel MTV3 morning program: reached 1,2 million viewers, reached 27% over 10 years old and 35% over 45 years old target group
• Newspaper ads, 1.9 million contacts, reached 35% over 12 years old finnish (in target area the reachability was 50-70%)
• The sales and the knowledge of the service has grown steadily and Animagi gained the “ownership” of this service; seniors health examination. And this was themain target of the campaign


The newspaper advertisements and TV were used to raise the awareness.
Banners were used to drive traffic directly to website and to the calculator.
Posters and brochure spread the word at the clinics and at events.