CLIENT NAME: Bridgestone


How to recruit and engage consumers by capitalizing on the last year of partnership
between Bridgestone and MotoGP 2015?


Target: Two wheeled vehicles customers (motorcycles & scooters).
Audience: around 2 million people in France using two wheeled vehicles.
Strategy: Recruit and engage by a playful digital operation. A simple, accessible and attractive digital device to reach the larger audience and
earn qualified prospects :
– Accessibility: universality to touch a maximum of players (Bridgestone customers or not), freedom to allow each user to play according to his desires in a recurring or occasional way, multi-modality to allow each user to play according to his behaviors (on desktop, tablet or mobile).
– Simplicity: clarity / readability to facilitate the understanding of the message, ease and rapidity to facilitate the action/playing and avoid disappointment, fluidity to make the game taster and increase gaming pleasure.
– Attractiveness: perceived value to generate community interest and gaming desire, originality and diversity to encourage renewal and game frequency and avoid disappointment, fluidity to facilitate game mastering and gaming pleasure.
– Simple device: a set of mini-games related to the MotoGP partnership, 1game/GP (18GP/18 games), a unique gaming process with a random prize draw, Facebook registration and simple registration form.
– Accessible device: 3 levels to reach all targets (easy, medium, hard), 1 different gameplay mechanic per GP, 6 popular gameplay mechanics.
– Attractive device: multiplication of the chance to win depending of the level succeeded (easy X1, medium X3, hard X5), try again by sharing on Facebook, motivating gift (1st price = multimedia, 2nd price = Bridgestone equipment, 3rd price = smaller gift)


Rates: 37 050 sessions, 26 326 users, 6 pages/session, average session length : 2:22”.
Participants: up to 7 576 participant only to one challenge.
1 MotoGP Qatar: 596
2 MotoGP Americas: 7 576
3 MotoGP Argentina: 3 814
4 MotoGP Spain: 5 401
5 MotoGP France: 3 888
6 MotoGP Italia: 2 684
7 MotoGP Catalonia: 2 553
8 Moto GP TT Assen : 1992
9 Moto GP Germany : 1959
10 Moto GP Indianapolis : 2611
11 Moto GP République Tchèque : 2690
12 Moto GP Grand Bretagne : 2747
Emailings: 95% deliverability, 14% openings, 10% clicks.
To be continued…
Data Base : to date, the amount of addresses in the data base has raised of 35%.


Print ads (outdoor and magazines).
Web banners and display.
Social media management (various posts on Bridgestone Facebook page).
Editorial and visual partnership with the most famous website on two wheeled vehicles : Le Repaire des motards.