AGENCY: Sales Group
CLIENT NAME: Sales Group

Campaign started: February 2018 (new version)
Campaign ended: Still in progress
Created at: September 11, 2018


Generate qualified leads of people interested in housing or house renting. Generate leads with information of name, age, email, postal code, phone number.


  • Usage of content, the renting law, as an attraction of users.
  • We created a landing page offering a Renting Law Manual, in which the users can read the general guidelines of the house rental law.
  • To obtain this manual, the users only have to register, filling a form in our landing page or Facebook.


  • New leads (Feb to August): 16.438
  • Prints: 4.576.052
  • Facebook page: 14.111 likes
  • Clicks: 210.556
  • Very low cost per click/ low CPL
  • ROI within the first year.


  • Email marketing
  • Facebook Ads

Campaign  element description:

Landing page:

It’s a simple landing page, in which we request a form filling in order to provide the Manual.

We can also make offers of several clients, by asking the users an extra question (example: “Do you want to lower the value of your energy bill?)


Image + text inviting the users to download the Manual.



Manual Lei do Arrendamento

Printscreen of a Facebook Ad.




Website homepage