Campaign started: November 1, 2017
Campaign ended: December 1, 2017
Created at: August 10, 2018


Conception of an offer mailing for the product supplementary dental insurance. Important: Consideration of the data analysis according to the Limbic Types principle*.
Envivas carried out an intensive data analysis of Addres inventories prior to the briefing in collaboration with the leading institute “Gruppe Nymphenburg”. Three limbic types were identified in the ENVIVAS address pool:


Very important to know:
* The Limbic® types are a condensation of complex emotional personality structures. Consumers are assigned to their emotional personality structure a Limbic® Type via the main field of motivation. There are a total of 7 limbic types. We targeted 3 in this test. The findings of the Limbic types research are really absolutely fascinating and will be groundbreaking where they are used for communication.

For objective comparability, in addition to a standard mailing for each of the 3 limbic types, a special mailing was created. Picture elements, wording, reasoning and many more factors were specially tuned for the individual limbic type.

B&F cooperated very closely with the research institute. The result has been optimized over and over again. Important to emphasize that all 4 mailing (1 + 3) had the same offer and the same format and where sent out the same date.


Envivas has commissioned this project as an important test for further projects. The test is very positive for all those responsible. The standard mailing with an index value of 94% and was slightly below expectations. But the Limbic Type optimized versions have outperformed the forecast with index values of up to 118%. And we have only started …


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