AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: October 1, 2018
Campaign ended: February 1, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


The bicycle is a typical Dutch transportation method. We even have a quality mark for bicycle lighting! This was established by “RAI Vereniging”. This association represents the interests of manufacturers and importers of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles. About 80% of the market is a member of the section ‘’bicycle’’. The intention of the label is to point out to consumers that high-quality bicycle lighting is available.

Currently there is a low awareness of the quality mark. That’s why RAI Vereniging asked vandenbusken to create a positive awareness campaign to promote the bicycle lighting quality mark. Taking into account a limited budget.


Target audience
There are four relevant target groups for the quality mark:
• Connected manufacturer – for this target group, the awareness of the quality mark and the possibilities that the quality mark offers, can be further increased.
• Retailer – the quality mark is relatively unknown, which means that a retailer does not inform his customer about it.
• Consumer – receives insufficient information about good bicycle lighting. The quality mark is therefore unknown to the final user.
• Non-affiliated manufacturer – it would be nice if more manufacturers joined the quality mark, so the quality mark becomes more credible.

We start by communicating from the demand side. Informing the target audience, will have a spin-off towards the awareness in the store and the importance of the quality mark for the manufacturer.

In the campaign we focus on parents with children. In particular parents with children in high school are concerned about the safety of their child on a bicycle during this period.

vandenbusken came up with the concept ‘Kijk verder!’ (Look ahead!) for RAI Vereniging. Literally: look further in the dark with good bicycle lighting. Figuratively: think better before buying bicycle lighting.
For this campaign we created a website and a Facebook campaign.


The aim of the campaign was awareness. In total we reached 236,859 people with the Facebook campaign.

40,611 people watched the video for more than 10 seconds. That is 4.34% of the total number of views.
What was striking, is that the involvement in the campaign was high. The share actions (39) were almost the same as the number of responses (45).
People responded with comments such as “My children are not allowed to cycle without light” and “Indeed parents, send your children onto the road with GOOD light”.
RAI Vereniging was very satisfied with the results and wants to continue the campaign in late 2019.


IDN Case – Look ahead! RAI

IDN Case – Look ahead! RAI