CLIENT NAME: Pinesker Media Company
Campaign started: June 1, 2017
Campaign ended: On going
Created at: August 17, 2017


In Finland, staying at the summer house is the most common way of spending a holiday. According to statistics, there are 470,000 summer houses at the lakes (5.5 million inhabitants in Finland). As all summer houses are not shown in the statistics, it is estimated that there about 550,000 summer houses.

Certain regions are particular summer house areas, due to for example vast water systems. One of these is Mäntyharju, situated about 180 km from Helsinki. The problem for a small summer house community has been how to effectively connect the target groups. The summer house population, businesses and the original population do not find each other. Mäntyharju has a population of 9,000 and in June – August there are 22,000 summer inhabitants.


We designed and created as a pilot the portal, serving as a meeting point for these target groups. In this portal, you will find all businesses, events, activities as well as their own local radio station to which the locals can produce program and audio advertising. In the portal, you can with a search word try to find for instance a well driller, a roofer or a summer café.


How is this carried on?

The budget of this promotion has been extremely small, just 10,000 euro. As the campaign was made as a pilot promotion, the target is to bring the idea and base as such to other summer house regions over the next summers.

The project was funded with a small support from the Mäntyharju commune as well as by media earnings, audio advertising sold for the radio and ads, business videos and banners in the portal. After the pilot promotion, the project slightly exceeded expectations, the index was 110.


The particular summer house radio station is a great addition to the key mission, offering information. This radio station operated 24/7 the whole summer broadcasting all-round music with local businesses promoting their services and products in between.

In addition, the local youth have produced nice, light programs for the station. The listeners´ response to this program has been enthusiastic.

Regular listeners ca 500
Number of tunes played more than 45,000
12 businesses buying audio advertising

In the portal, by a search word, you can find for instance a well driller, a roofer, a summer café etc. The site informs the visitors about events, sights, activities in Mäntyharju, about the nature, the businesses… In the portal, the visitors were activated to enter a contest and tell their best experiences about Mäntyharju. So far, there are 8,000 entries in the contest that is carried on until 31.8.2017.

The local youth shot live program – videos – to the portal, where the locals described their feelings about Mäntyharju. In addition, the youth had an opportunity to create their own video content and implement it into the portal.

The “Luova Mökkitie/Creative Road to the Summer House” portal was promoted at the Mäntyharju market – the meeting place of the locals and the summer population. Flyers were distributed at the market and there was also a roll-up. In addition, there has been a poster attached to the info boards of the local businesses.

A workshop for the youth was arranged with training in broadcasting and video production. At the same time, these youngsters were offered a nice summer job.


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