CLIENT NAME: Rehms Druck
Campaign started: June 1, 2019
Campaign ended: July 1, 2019
Created at: July 23, 2019


Our customer Rehms Druck was an exhibitor at the Mailingtage Congress. The location was just as exclusive as the invited audience. Venue was the traditional greenhouse Palm Garden. B&F took over the conception and design of a guest gift for visitors, which is on the one hand original and unique, and which should convey a great deal of competence and efficiency. And last but not least, make reference to the venue Palm Garden.


Let‘s start with the motto. This is M.A.Y.A. or „Mailing attracting your attention.“. The occasion is a excellent to bring the innovations and new possibilities of the printing house to a decision-maker audience. The motto M.A.Y.A. creates images in the mind, which directly establish themselves in a jungle-like ambience.

Each box was personalized with the name of the guest. The M.A.Y.A. box was secured by a secret paper-made locking mechanism. A first surprise. The box contained a total of 25 cards and 2 pieces of real Mayan chocolate. The information cards presented individual sections of modern printing techniques, finishing and personalization options. This also impresses professionals and decision-makers.


The announced M.A.Y.A.-box was almost 100% picked up at the booth.
– At the booth, there were around 25% more direct intensive trade fair talks than in the previous year.
– A response of 52% was determined as a response afterwards.
– The new contacts resulted in 12 new business connections.