AGENCY: Agence Et Vous
CLIENT NAME: Maison Arthus-Bertrand
Campaign started: April 2, 2018
Campaign ended: September 14, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Arthus-Bertrand, a parisian jeweler known for his medals of baptism and honorary decorations, was bought by a member of Maison Hermès who wants to modernize both the customer management tools and the brand image. The goal is to set up a digital and print Customer strategy and to help them organize their events in order to deploy a coherent and desirable brand image.


Our strategy consists in :
Tap into the brand’s prestigious but unknown heritage in order to nurture a luxury image.
Feed this upscale on all print and digital media.
Install high-performance digital CRM tools to better understand the target, meet its needs, and tailor brand events based on its location, consumer profile and affinities.

The brand becomes a House of Sign and Badge ( “Maison de signe et d’insigne” in French) with the promise of being a “sign of distinction since 1803” . A collaboration with the archivist of the brand allows us to find in the handwritten letters of Napoleon sentences to extract and to use them in communications. Register the brand in a prestigious history implies to rethink all media and supports. Even the packaging was redesigned. A new “trompe-l’oeil” box magnifies the object which is now accompanied by a booklet nourishing the tale of the House Arthus-Bertrand. Brand events are becoming more selective and reserved to a restrictive number of loyal clients. Thanks to a better data collection, emails are yet more personalized. So, a membership card was created to nourish a real conversation between the brand and the customers.


During the campaign, 12 000 customers were registered in the database. The average response rate is 17% and the clients’ purchase progressed by three points.