Campaign started: January 1, 2018
Campaign ended: June 30, 2019
Created at: July 30, 2019


GoCardless is one of London’s most successful Fintech companies, managing over $10 billion in transactions each year.

Our brief is to use paid media to drive new leads to GoCardless from its major markets: UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia.

GoCardless offers companies a great alternative to recurring payments by credit card. Potential customers are Finance Directors or Managing Directors of companies who need to manage regular payments from their customers: for instance publishers, gyms and software-as-a-service companies. Company size can range from SMEs to large corporates.


Initially we thought that we could create more relevance and engagement by segmenting our target audience into small and medium-sized companies, then developing different messaging for each segment.

However, the target audience is very niche when you are selecting down to job title, and we started to struggle to achieve decent reach. We were often unable to spend the entire budget into a given market.

Working with our client, we realised that every business faced the same challenges with Direct Debit payment regardless of company size.

We decided to try a different approach. Rather than using available data to create niche segments, instead we pooled together segmented audiences and simplified prospects into larger lists. This then gave us the volumes to run more test activity, so we started to constantly test messaging, landing page content and value exchange campaigns, where we promote gated and open content. This content is promoted across LinkedIn, and also via Facebook and paid search.


In the past twelve months, we have introduced new markets in Germany and Spain. Our new simpler segmentation strategy has enabled us to increase overall lead volume by 163% with no increase in cost per lead.