CLIENT NAME: Sommet Education
Campaign started: June 1, 2019
Campaign ended: October 31, 2019
Created at: August 24, 2020


Our target was to recruit 70 students for the October 2019 intake for a new MBA-level course in Luxury Management.

This is a high-quality, high-cost course – annual fees are in the region of EUR100k. So targeting has to be based on high net worth individuals with a strong interest in luxury management.


We decided to focus on LinkedIn as a channel, using paid search as support.This is an unconventional use of LinkedIn, which is normally associated with job seekers rather than the education sector. However, the targeting within LinkedIn allowed us to reach past and current students taking specific courses at specific universities.

We then built and expanded on these segments, using LinkedIn targeting options and third-party demographic data at an audience level.

We had existing geographic targets based on CRM data, and this was then fine-tuned with the LinkedIn forecasting tool. Specifically, we identified the key cities globally where our target audience was likely to live.

We also looked at a range of macro factors which we thought would influence conversion rates. These included:

* Immigration policy – What nationalities would have the least amount of hassle moving to Switzerland
* Economic signals
* Strength of the local currency to the CHF

Focusing on retargeting, we split out non-converters depending on how far along the conversion journey they had progressed, looking also at the content they had interacted with. Remarketing messages then took students back to the exact section of the site they were engaged with

In terms of organic strategy, we used the Content Suggestion tool to help us provide relevant and interesting content. Interactions with organic content were used to build additional remarketing segments.

The campaign ran across a wide range of LinkedIn’s advertising products, including Sponsored Content, InMail, Text Ads, Display Ads, Organic Posts, Lead Gen Forms and Carousel Ads.


Focusing on the conversion rate from initial lead to confirmed application for a course, LinkedIn converted 30% above the average conversion rate. This showed that our targeting strategy was working well.

Overall LinkedIn delivered 300 leads to this campaign – more than half of our total target for leads from digital channels.