AGENCY: Create Direct
Campaign started: 04/08/2020
Campaign ended: 04/08/2024
Created at: August 30, 2022


Campaign objectives:
Loyalty of construction workers

Rewarding construction workers

Increasing exposure among construction workers

Sales increase


Create Direct has developed a reward and loyalty platform for Cesal, in November 2020.


The Meseriada platform uses Rewardiful, the efficient and innovative solution for the development and management of trade campaigns, rewards, and loyalty programs.

Step 1. The construction workers buy Cesal products
Create an account. Buy products participating in the campaign (according to the regulations).

Step 2:Upload proof of payment
The construction workers:
-upload proof of payment: receipt or invoice;
-send proof of payment: on WhatsApp or uploads it to the Meseriada platform;
The purchase documents are processed by Create Direct and validated/ invalidated, depending on the situation.

Step 3: Receive points
Validated invoices generate points in the construction workers’ account:
a. To each Cesal product corresponds several points;
b.points can be loaded: manually or automatically.
The manual option is for when the company wishes to be cautious and double-check certain invoices before uploading a large number of points.

Step 4: Order prizes
Construction workers spend their points ordering prizes from an extensive catalog of rewards.
The catalog is split into categories.
The products range from electronics to working equipment and digital vouchers.
Under the catalog categories, there are displayed the most ordered prizes and a filter for product view according to a minimum and a maximum number of points.
Prizes are sent by courier.

Over 100.000 merchandising products on stock to choose from, available to ad to the platform, as well as CESAL promotional material.

Digital e- Vouchers (over 400 brands in Europe) are generated within 24h of receiving the order (Romania, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden).

We handle pick, pack, and delivery.


-Although the program has a complex mechanic, the platform is easy to use, friendly and intuitive.
-Meseriada Platform is a successful program.
-There is constant activity on the platform.
-The number of users registered in the platform increased from year to year.
Construction workers often register on their own, without any extra marketing efforts on our part. This is due to the program’s success which leads to word-of-mouth advertisement.