AGENCY: B&F Brueggemann & Freunde
Campaign started: 05/31/2022
Campaign ended: 07/16/2022
Created at: August 17, 2022


swb is a subcompany of EWE – one of the biggest suppliers of energy and telecommunication for Northern Germany. We are often tasked with marketing campaigns for their glass fibre expansion (modern technology for a highspeed-internet-connection). The micromarketing campaign shown in the case entails effective marketing on a small scale spanning from one neighbourhood to a single district in town.


The length of the campaign was six weeks. Within this timespan the residents of Huchting received three different directmailings sent by post, announcing the closure of the fibre-expansion in the area together with a very lucrative offer for a highspeed-internet contract. The landing page the target audience was supposed to visit was personalized, containing the district name called Huchting. Additionally strategic public places, which were visited by a lot of pedestrians, were chosen to be used for many different advertising media. So for these six weeks the people of Huchting were always constantly confronted with the deal swb had to offer.


Small scale – big results

With the micro-marketing campaign, SWB competed against the strongest competitor and market leader – Deutsche Telekom. Valuable market shares and new customers could be gained through the targeted campaign conducted with surgical precision.
* The campaign exceeded the high expectations by 35% (index 135%)
* The market share in the worked areas was increased by 12%
* Likewise, with an index of 142%, the ROI was significantly above the benchmark of a classic acquisition campaign
* But even more impressive were the results on the budget. Compared to a classic campaign to win new clients the cost per client of this micro marketing campaign was more than 38% lower. This is easy to be explained: Nearly every message in the chosen channels was reaching the right audience.

On the one hand, the campaign was already a complete success in the first test and now also serves as a blueprint for micromarketing campaigns in other cities and regions.