AGENCY: Harvest Digital
CLIENT NAME: Mobility Furniture Company
Campaign started: March 23, 2020
Created at: September 2, 2021


Mobility Furniture Company build bespoke furniture for people with mobility issues. The challenge for us was the fact they are not ecommerce. Meaning, they are focused on leads and appointments.

Our brief was to improve the performance in driving better quality leads and conversions through to sale. Where previously Paid and Organic was only ever able to track as far as a tracked lead, we depended on delayed sales information from the brand


Our solution was to integrate their CRM into Google Analytics so we could take advantage of the attribution model withing Google and feed this information back into our channel planning. Meaning better planning, optimisations, and overall campaign performance.

This was a big task as we were challenged by an out-of-date CRM system, old servers and a sales process that required manual inputting by the sales team. Together we worked towards finding a solution which required updating the server, integrating Zapier to support their out-of-date CRM and build several hidden data points that were attached to the lead forms.

Once this was all implemented and completed to ensure the end-to-end data piece, we were able to pass back certain stages of the sales process from lead, appointment, and sale back into Google Analytics. It has given us a holistic view of the overall performance, in real time, which has allowed us to understand the true value of our campaigns. Understanding what activity is driving the best qualified lead, the best sales journey conversion rate and ultimately the best ROI.

A fantastic, combined effort from all parties which everyone is proud of the achievement. Delivering some of the strongest performing months to date.


We have been able to optimise campaigns more affectively now. Improving the ROI by 35%, reducing the Qualified Lead efficiency by 65% and delivering record sales months for the fourth month in a row in 2021.

Across all parties, from the client (brand) through to the agency it is some of the proudest work we have delivered with appreciation and recognition from everyone. We are now able to grow our media spends more efficiently and drive more leads, appointments, and sales than ever before.