AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
CLIENT NAME: Verdens Gang (VG)
Campaign started: 01.01.17
Campaign ended: 15.05.17
Created at: August 18, 2017


Verdens Gang (“The course of the world”), generally known as VG, is Norway’s largest tabloid newspaper. Since 1993, VG have employed teenagers between 13-16 years as “VG-Bud” to deliver newspapers in the weekends, in their own neighborhood. Our brief was to recruit new people for VG-Bud to be employed to available delivery routes. The task was to get information about VG-Bud out to the right audience, explain how it works, engage them to apply and get as many relevant applications as possible within the campaign period and budget.


Target audience: teenagers between 13-16 years and their parents throughout Norway. Local focus + excluding areas already occupied by existing VG-Bud.

Our pitch to the client was that if they invested a larger part of their marketing budget in bureau hours for strategy, performance optimization and developing a new website based on performance principles of conversion, and less in actual media-spending – chances were big they would get better results as well as a lot of valuable insights for years to come.

We wanted to expand VG-Buds presence in various (push and pull) channels in order to reach our target groups throughout their digital movement and follow them in every decision phase at all times, across all units – by leaning heavily on the Google Network, Social Media as Facebook and Instagram, and Audience networks (Apps). We were also able to control frequency for people seeing the same ad reasonably by using this methodology.

We tested different images, messages and ad formats – carefully selected to engage various target groups and continuously optimized to secure the best result. We also used Remarketing in order to really go and get those great results in conversions.


GOAL: Exceed all-time-high results from 2016 with the same budget.


2017: 7.237 applications

2016: 3.746 applications

CPO: -86%

2017: NOK 65 (EUR 7)

2016: NOK 497 (EUR 53)

(all costs included, bureau and spending)

An eye-opening experience for our client. We are currently working on their next campaign. VG have almost doubled their budget to develop more content, film-production and expanding to new channels (Snapchat). This is an example that investing in strategy, optimization and specialist knowledge, is a truly valuable asset and that it can save a lot of money instead of just blasting it on media-spending.



Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Google AdWords Paid Search

Google AdWords Display Ads

Bing Ads


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