AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Nextens, part of Reed Business Information
Campaign started: October 1, 2017
Campaign ended: April 30, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Nextens is a brand of publisher Reed Business Information. Nextens specialises in computer software for tax professionals. One of their other products is a knowledge base about tax legislation (FiscaalTotaal).

Nextens asked vandenbusken to create a campaign to cross-sell FiscaalTotaal, to current users of their tax declaration software. Main KPI of the campaign was to get users to sign up for a trial subscription of FiscaalTotaal.

This year, the client wanted to try a different strategy. Instead of sending a product catalogue, they wanted to show the value of their product. Nextens asked us for ways how to do this.


We started with creating a sustainable brand concept, even though this wasn’t the question. We felt that the message was too complicated for a short-term activation campaign.

The brand concept had to communicate that Nextens can connect with the knowledge base FiscaalTotaal and this offers a big benefit in the work process of a tax professional. Also, Nextens can work together with most commonly used software systems (CRM, client portals etc.), which is also a big advantage that users often don’t know about.

For a tax professional, it is now more important than ever to personally connect with their clients. That is the only way to show his added value to his clients. Clients have more possibilities to do their own tax declaration, so the advice of a tax professional needs to have more value to them.

We created the concept “Nextens, the perfect connection”. This refers to the connection between Nextens and FiscaalTotaal and other systems. As a result of this connection, the tax professional has the time and means to pay personal attention to his connection with his clients.

As a methaphor in the campaign, we used pieces of a puzzle to symbolise the perfect connection.


The total amount of customers of Nextens without FiscaalTotaal, is 5.350. During the campaign, Nextens received 417 requests for a free trial month. 175 trials turned into a conversion. (3,27%)

Campaign  element description:

In every element of the campaign we used the visual metaphor “the piece of the puzzle” to create a strong campaign recognition.

Below the elements we used are summed up:


  • Personalized infographic puzzle (direct mail): clients received a puzzle which was personalized by name and company name. The puzzle was an infographic with market trends and showed how Nextens reacts with their product on these trends. A customer just received pieces of the puzzle in an envelope. When a client put the puzzle together, the message showed: “with Nextens you are perfectly connected, now and, in the future,”
  • Nextens branding video: based on the vision of Nextens, we created an animated video. The video was shared through the Facebook & LinkedIn pages and advertised to their clients by uploading all the mail addresses and phone numbers of them to the platforms.

This element was also used to communicate to prospects

  • Nextens branding HTML5 banner

The vision of Nextens was also communicated through a HTML5 banners.

This element was also used to communicate to prospects

  • Nextens product video’s:

There were released two new new features in Nextens. The release and working of these tools were explained in 1-minute animated videos.

This element was also used to communicate to prospects

  • Nextens product banners HTML5:

HTML5 banners which communicates the new product features which were introduced.

This element was also used to communicate to prospects

  • Nextens product ads

At the end of the campaign, when all clients were informed about the advantages of Nextens, we wanted to give the amount of sales an extra boost.

To do this, we segmented all the clients in 6 groups. For each segment there was a specific product which was interesting. We uploaded 6 databases to LinkedIn and created 6 different ads, one for each product. These ads lead to a page were clients could sign up for a free trial of the product.


  • Content ads (HTML5, LinkedIn, Facebook) We used knowledge documents as a lead magnet. We picked up 8 fiscal themes where the target audience are most interested in and created knowledge documents around these themes. These documents were downloadable on a landing page. We send traffic to these landing pages with HTML5 ads, LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads.
  • Printed advertisements Within trade magazines which are still be very popular within this conservative target audience.