CLIENT NAME: Robomow / Vanning AS


The sales of robotic lawnmowers have increased dramatically in Norway. However, competition is fierce and even though Robomow is one of the leading premium brands on the market, the Swedish brand Husqvarna is no.1 in Scandinavia. Many people are proud of their gardens and invest a lot of time in keeping their lawns beautiful. But people also neglect their lawns, wishing they had more time for garden work. A robotic lawnmower is an effective timesaver for both groups. NXT/A2N was challenged with the task to create brand awareness and support the sales during the peak sales period in May-July.


Target audience:
Norwegian households with a lawn. 550 000 persons from households in areas with a high density of houses/villas were picked out from Facebook’s targeting tools.

Creative strategy:
With a humoristic approach we asked the public to publish pictures or films of their ugly lawn on Facebook or Instagram and give a justification for why their lawn should be awarded Norway’s Ugliest Lawn. The winner receives a premium robotic lawn mower and help to improve the garden.

Media strategy/execution:
We created a competition app on the distributor’s, Vanning AS, Facebook-page and then posted Facebook’s ads aimed towards the selected target group. Retargeting ads on the Google network also followed up visitors on the page. In phase one, focus was to drive traffic to the competition page. In phase two, focus was to promote voting and sharing. We reposted selected entries on the distributors Facebook-page, and encouraged visitors to vote on their favourite. Several Robomow dealers also supported the campaign with ads on their webpages and in-store posters. Competitors also made the campaign viral by sharing their entries in social media.


Both Robomow and the distributor are very happy with the campaign. It helped increase brand awareness during the peak sales period and there has been a positive development in the sales (figures from dealers are yet not final).

• Total impressions: 1,5 million
• Reach: 300.000 persons in the target-group
• Clicks: 8.000
• Entries: 130 pictures uploaded
• Votes: 500 in total
• 30 free garden inspections were ordered as a result of the competition (we have produced a campaign site where people can order a free inspection, where an expert comes and give advice on what robotic lawn mower best suits their garden).


• Facebook competition page
• Facebook posts and ads
• Web banners
• In-store posters