AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: October 1, 2017
Campaign ended: February 28, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Indeed, an online job board which is active in 63 countries, asked vandenbusken to develop direct mail ideas to help prospects become aware, discover, try and use Indeed. Within these ideas it was important that the available data which Indeed owns was utilised.

After our presentation, Indeed chose two concepts and asked us to do the entire execution in 4 markets: Germany, England, France and The Netherlands. The aim was to test the most effective way to create “sales ready leads”: EDM vs. DM and the two concepts against each other.


Target audience
Indeed owns lots of data of their B2B users. We used this data to define the target audiences of the DM’s and EDM’s. The purpose was to find non-users. That’s why we profiled the customer data of Indeed and used company type, job title and other characterstics, as a reference. Based on these profiles, we created look-a-like audiences per country and region and used data from an external source for the campaign. This gave us the advantage that we could send the DM to the right prospect at companies which are likely to use Indeed.

Both concepts were focussed on a different proposition of Indeed:
– Indeed has millions of candidates, the talent is right near you.
– Indeed offers great filters to companies to search through millions of candidates

Creative strategy
Concept 1: Look at hiring from a different angle, with a lenticular direct mail piece.
Concept 2: Find talent right near you, by showing your location on a map, and plot candidates from the Indeed database on the map, right around your office.
Both concepts were rolled out in DM and EDM.


The main CTA was to call Indeed. We also encouraged users to visit a landingpage as a secondary CTA. Key learnings:
– UK and NL showed the best results. Translations were made locally, which could be the cause of lower results.
– Calling the sales team was a barrier. In most countries we saw an uplift in landingpage visits, the amount of calls was low.
– The EDM scored better in conversions to the landing page. However, we did not measure the effect of the (E)DM on brand recognition.
– The concept with the local approach showed the highest results.

Campaign  element description:

Below a description of the two concepts which were tested:

One in many

Indeed has millions of résumés. And in this big pile of data Indeed serves the perfect candidate by only applying a few filters. It shows how easy selecting and finding candidates with Indeed can be in the biggest pool of data in the world. Look at hiring from a different angle, with a lenticular direct mail piece.

Call-to-Action: Find the perfect candidate across every industry and location using Indeed

Candidates near you

To stress that Indeed knows data and finds the best personal fit we create a DM by showing a map of the location of the company where it’s sent to. We plot pins (of the candidates) around the company on the map, so people can see there are many candidates near them
looking for a job.

We plotted these pins by borrowing data of all postal codes in a city and use only every twentieth record from the datafile. This was very important, because otherwise there would be pins (what stood for people) in the water or on railways.

Call-to-Action: Indeed is the most effective hiring source for local talent. We deliver local candidates to cities across the country. By including more job details and location information in your job posting, you all attract more qualified local applicants to your open positions. Add more details and hire locally!