Campaign started: March 2017
Campaign ended: March 2017
Created at: August 18, 2017


Readly offers subscribers over 2000 magazines on a digital platform for only 99 SEK a month. The company has been on the market for only a few years and needed more subscribers. The campaign brief and objectives were quite simple and straightforward: 1) Generate traffic to, 2) Generate test subscribers, 3) Increase brand awareness.

Offer: 3 months for the price of 1.


Instead of talking about all the obvious benefits – such as the very low price and the unbelievable large number of magazines – we wanted to show that virtually everyone can find a magazine covering their special interest, whether it’s beaches in Mexico, custom made guitars or wedding dresses. Or, for that matter, discover magazines and topics that you didn’t even know you were interested in.

The outdoor media strategy was to reach people when they were on there way to and from work or home, with some dead-time to spare and getting them curious enough to visit the campaign site.

Copy-focus: getting the attention with a smart headline and then look at the visuals to decode.

Broad concept:”being on your way to …” can mean many things– both physically and metaphorically.

Actually saying: On your way to a new way of reading?

Facebook strategy:

Segment the target audience and produce an Ad-set best suited for reaching the target audience. A digital strategy for finding new leads to get them to the website and then retarget them with a more ”aggressive” offer.

Examples on segmented target audience

  1. Twins/lookalikes to existing customers
  2. Friends of Readly-likers
  3. Men and women with specific interests (sport, home decoration etc)
  4. Visitors to the web page who had not yet converted
  5. People who have seen the film
  6. People that commute for at least 30 min

Ad formats on Facebook:

  1. Film
  2. Slide show (headlines and creatives according to concept)
  3. Carousel (3–4 pictures, where every picture shows a handful of magazines from a specific genre, like ”fashion”)
  4. Canvas.


Unfortunately, the client was very reluctant to give us any detailed results from the campaign, other than he said it had been very successful. We do have these results from the social media campaign, where we cooperated with A2N, Norway:

Key numbers:

  • Total Ad spend: 106 042 NOK
  • Total number of conversions: 183
  • Part 1 CPO: 1350,-
  • Part 2 CPO: 265,-
  • Reach: 248 437
  • Impressions: 1 126 678
  • Unique clicks to webpage: 7608
  • CTR: 4,9 %

Also: We beat the CAC-goal!


Available documents for download: