AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: 2018
Campaign ended: Coming years
Created at: July 31, 2019


Since over 10 years vandenbusken creates dealer catalogues for Weber Benelux. Within the catalogue all data of all products is included. Over the years we improved the processes, in which we connected our Indesign files to Excel to easily merge the data within our designs.
A huge improvement, after which more EMEA countries decided to collaborate with us.

Still there were some troubles with data merging based on Excel:
• Data not directly visible in design, which resulted in several adjustment loops and high additional costs
• Data could not be changed during the year
• General data not consistent between several countries.


To get rid of the remaining issues, we created the Weber online database tool. A tool in which all productdata can be imported, after which it can easily be adjusted next to a preview screen, which makes it possible to see all data directly in the approximate design (perfect for pictures, icons etc.)

The data in the tool will be saved and is available during the whole year to adjust the data if necessary. Furthermore we created a split between EMEA and Country data in order to make sure that general data doesn’t have to be integrated multiple times and is uniform for all countries.

Besides we came up with solutions to create other assets, with similar product data, within the online database tool as well. This concerns for example Product feature cards and consumer catalogues.

With this expansion we can now easily create multiple assets, for multiple countries within just a couple of very easy steps.

The tool resulted in easier processes in combination with more accurate data, which is always up-to-date and easily can be integrated in other assets as well.

In the attachement you can find an instruction video to see how the tool works!


With the introduction of the online database tool we accomplished great results! First of all for Weber:
– A reduction in costs for adjustments of 120%, in total it saved Weber € 11.000 just the first year (!)
– On a scale of 0 (not satisfied) until 5 (very satisfied), countries ranked the online database tool with an average score of 5.

Besides for us as vandenbusken:
– We became the #1 data supplier for all countries in the EMEA region
– As a results we are currently creating multiple trade/shop-in-shop material for over 20 countries.


One tool, endless possibilities!

Case Weber One tool – endless possibilities