AGENCY: IDN South Africa

CLIENT NAME: AfroCentric Health: Switchlab Innovation Program


AfroCentric Health has been providing healthcare administration services and health risk management solutions to South Africa’s leading medical aids and corporates for over 40 years.
1. Launch the new and improved Switchlab Innovation Program to the AfroCentric Health employees, as Innovation is one AfroCentric Health’s 5 strategic objectives.
2. Replace the existing manual idea management process with an online portal to capture ideas
3. Establish Switchlab as a structured recognition and rewards program to encourage employees to participate and submit innovative ideas and improvements.


Switchlab energises employees to focus on innovation to deliver valuable commercial opportunities.

It encourages all employees to submit ideas resulting in material difference to the business in the hope of qualifying for cash rewards (up to half a million ZAR)

The core strapline is ‘Where ideas spark change’. The creative is premised on change being the catalyst for innovation. Switchlab’s intent is to explosively enable an innovative culture.

The creative brief: Be innovative, explosive, and disruptive i.e. radically different to all internal communication. Differentiate, fascinate then stimulate.

The Idea Engine© website lies at the heart of the program, and is fuelled by rhythmic Switchlab promotions and communications activity, providing continuously changing content to keep staff engagement rates high.
The creative fulfilled the objective changing the way people think through fascinating engagement which in turn stimulates collaboration and innovative ideas. Using video content, deploying interesting email newsletters in a unique voice and tone, deploying online competitions & revealing content only on the website, these activities pushed engagement to the site, and then fostered ideation via the portal which was a part of the website.
Web content was changed every 2 weeks & AR content every month. All collateral pushed the website.


Annual Target:
250 entries, with 75 rewarded and 20 approved for Phase 2 and beyond

322 unique users, 438 ideas generated, 416 entries submitted for evaluation in the first cycle, 229 rewarded, 72 quick wins implemented and 31 ideas progressing into Phase 2

The costs for the period was R485 000, against commercial value (revenue generated & cost savings initiated) of R16.3 million, which is the highest value generated by a Switchlab cycle. This represents a cost of program (COP) of less than 3.1% and an ROI of 32.6.

Ave Email open rates: 78.1%
Ave CTR: 62.4%
Ave Duration: 3m32 seconds


Front end website; Back end Idea Management System off a web portal; Email; Desktop wallpaper; Augmented reality tags; QR codes; AR channel application; Wall decals; Window decals; Stairway and step decals; Elevator decals; Hanging mobiles; Posters (A1, A0, A4); Cladding on turnstiles, booms and balconies; Roadshow; Video; Podcasts; Annual recognition ceremony; Coasters; Gifts; Branded apparel;